Pvp at it’s finest – Fweddit [FW0RT] is recruiting AUTZ pilots

Yes, you read it right, the famous or infamous Fweddit , is now recruiting. Like a Phoenix from the Ashes, Fweddit has been refreshed and once again is free from its chains. Now riding as a solo Corp, we are looking for AUTZ Veteran and New Bros alike.

With a strong US TZ crew, we are looking to develop and expand the AU TZ. If you want to chill and camp gates, come talk to us, if you want to do roams, come talk to us if you want to develop you FC experience come talk to us and if your sick of all the fleets happening at midday while your at work or school, come talk to us!!

If you’re a PVP pilot looking for a change, please visit us in our in-game channel: iwhip

Requirements for application:

  • Access to Mumble - working headset and mic.

  • Quick In-Game Interview.

  • Quick Mumble Interview – just to see if you are the right fit for us and to see if we are the right fit for you.

  • You must be able follow fleet instructions

  • Able to have a laugh

  • 15 – 20 million skill point minimum

  • must have a previous Corp history

Above all else we are here to have fun and cause mayhem whatever region it maybe.

Apply today

Be part of the Legend and join the Chikun Coup!!

Hit Tim Brewer up in game to answer any of your questions.

I endorse this corp of homo fags who channel their inner valin to accomplish many great things.

Ask yourself not what fweddit can do for you, but what can you do for fweddit.

Come join in the fun


Come check us out

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