PvP/Capital Pilots Wanted

Finally no longer part of galaxy-wide coalition (blue-donut), Vergnugen is looking to rebuild ourselves in a stronger corp in Esoteria with Evictus Alliance.

Daily content in all timezones, capital warfare opportunities, and more. We try not to take ourselves too seriously and just like to have fun. As Ivan Drago said, “If he dies, he dies.” You can check out the killboard here: Vergnugen Industries | Corporation | zKillboard

We are primarily a USTZ corp, with quite a few EU/CNTZ members. We do offer ways to make isk such as moon mining, etc. but prefer pilots who know how to make isk without having their hands held.

If you want players to have some fun with and shoot the ■■■■, feel free to hit up a recruiter or our in-game channel:


Jean-Louis Antollare

Ulysses Briggs

Additionally, you can join our discord and find out more information there:

Fly safe and hope to speak with you soon!

Proof of action right here: Battle Report Tool

Bring your friends, bring your ships, and come blow ■■■■ up.

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