PvP -- Low-Sec / Null-Sec: Genesis, Solitude, Kor-Azor, Syndicate; Drops, BlOps, & Good Fights

You guys still grabbing pilots
? Ones that are allergic to mining?

Recruitment is still open.

Recruitment is still open.

Recruitment is still open.

I saw you were involved or got on the kills in bar the other night. Was curious if you’re allied with any one side in particular?

Still recruiting! Come join in on the KB.

Returning/newish player looking for a corp. I have 10 mil sp almost all in indy skills can fly up to a orca. On combat side I can fly up to a hurricane. Looking for people to mine/rat with make friends with in low sec. When I first started was in a wormhole corp with real life friends that was mostly afk all day. Not the best way to try and learn the game if u ask me lol. Really liked my next corp that was a low sec mining corp.but moved and was off line for a few years do to not having a pc.
Come back all my friends have stopped playing. Been in a couple since then just wasnt willing to help me learn the null sec game or was the only one on. Feel free to mail me in game Valdis Shadowfire. With corp info or any other questions I might not have answered.


I have sent an in-game mail.


I sent a reply via in-game mail.

Still recruiting? I’m interested, just back into the game and I’ve been flying solo far too long


I have sent a reply with a bit more info using in-game mail.


Recruitment is still open, and we are more active than ever before. Come get in on the action.

Recruitment is still open.

Recruitment still open! Our killboard just keeps getting better, we could use some more people to help us keep it going. And of course looking for miners for our supply operations too!

Recruitment is still open.

Come to Low-Sec! We have Local! :slight_smile:

Recruitment is still open.

Recruitment still open, get on the right side of the killmail!

The Void is dark and full of Voidstalkers.

I’m a returning player, former missioner (SOE 7, it’s so boring) looking for a smaller Low Sec corp I can camp and shoot the ■■■■ with.