41m-SP returning pilot, looking for a new home

(Ghengis Kroniq) #1

I’ve been playing Eve off and on since 2003. I still remember seeing the box in my local Wal-Mart, next to freelancer and a starcraft warchest… Now, I’m here, and I need a reason to play again. I love PvE, especially blood raiders anything, since I can only use t2 large pulse lasers(this toon was amarr spec) PvP is fun, but mostly I find when trying to join with other ppl, I have to fly very specific ■■■■ and thats just not my style. So, I’m usually in a curse or sentinel roam faction warfare. I have been running level 4s in my paladin, but thats not satisfying and low Isk.

I’ll be honest, I havent played much since 2009, and the last decades wort of content is still new to me. Should my old ass just move on and stop playing? Lmao

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(Doc Whitney) #2

Rebels and Renegades is a EU/USTZ corp in Warped Intentions.

Rebels and Renegades is a pvp corp run by a group of like minded older players in eve. Our goals are to be a competent corp in small scale pvp, Blops, and Alliance/Coalition level fleets. We have multiple FCs in our corp / alliance / Coalition. Who will supply you with plenty of fleets. If you are well trained and interested in pvp, from small scale up to large scale, you will fit perfectly in. That being said, we all have a real life and we understand if you have one too.

We offer

  • 0.0 PvP

  • EU, US timezone

  • small, medium and large scale pvp

  • high skilled and experienced members.

  • we help each other with everything in the game

  • awesome logistic service for direct supply from Jita to our home space, from alliance services

  • Corp Discord and alliance Mumble.

What we expect:

  • at least 10m skillpoints

  • 0.0 and pvp experience is not a must, but nice to have

  • FAX and Dread alts is always good to have.

  • We expect our pilots to be able to follow instructions from the FC.

  • learning abilitiy (nobody is perfect)

We do not claim to be better than others, but we shoot much more than we lose, and we have fun while doing so.

Join our Discord if you are interested in talking with a recruiter Discord

Or check out our Website

(BearThatCares) #3

Come to wormholes, greater sense of community and more flexibility for ships.

You can dunk with a sweet, sweet Legion!

(Aslon Seridith) #4

We’re a triglavian focused corporation

(Quinlin Harpy) #5
(Gallente Citizen 93502323) #6

Smiles per hours is the way to go, come check us out.

(ottomans proud) #7

o7 o7

Fed up with large blobs, blue donuts/balls, and New Eden politics? Don’t wanna spend an hour forming for a mandatory CTA that turns out to be another structure timer? Looking for dank frags instead of dank ticks?

Mea Culpa. is a fairly young EUTZ lowsec corp formed by a few buddies who enjoy killmails and relaxed comms. We’re small gangers at heart but also take part in larger drops with our new alliance buddies. As of today, we’re proud members of Shoot First which adds a nice little extra to our content portfolio and a couple benefits, too.

We’re based in Sinq Laison, super close to the southern warzone. That means content is literally at our doorstep and we harvest it every day. We fly everything from T1 frigates to T2 battleships, caps and often somewhat unusual fits. We don’t really care about ISK efficiency or other metrics of eliteness. So if you want to roam your 4b Marauder, that’s more than fine. If you can and want to fly blops that’s also very welcome.

What can we offer?

  1. Explosions.
  2. More Explosions.
  3. Citadels with Clone Bays.
  4. Alliance SRP on doctrines.
  5. Moonmining (wtf, not too much pls)

What should you bring?

  1. A good and somewhat mature attitude. This is by far the most important. Eve is a game and should be fun and we don’t want to fly with jerks.
  2. A strong desire to blow up (player-owned and operated) stuff. This is not a PVE corp.
  3. Ability to create your own content. We’re a small group and can’t provide free killmails around the clock.
  4. A good level of skill points. No hard requirement, but we sometimes like to fly fancy stuff.
  5. A dread alt is not a hard requirement but strongly suggested.

If all that sounds interesting, come by our discord or join our public channel in game: Mea Culpa.

We recently started a Channel on Youtube, so you can check out dank image videos there.

(Ghengis Kroniq) #8

I didn’t expect such a response lol. I have ppl messaging me in game too. Ty all. I’ve been outta the game so long, not sure what I wanna do. I love pvp but I did need a way to make money, and prefer Ratting>Data/Relics. I have a JF/industry pilot as well with like 25mil sp that was given to me by a friend, that I have 0 clue howto use lol.


if you looking to do small gang and join with people plus data and relics then come live in lowsec with us great group and alliance here have a look at this ad see what you think and come for a chat

(nivlac hita) #10

Hi @Ghengis_Kroniq,

So if you’re looking for active types of money making, then yes you can do ratting/relic sites/ even mining is sort of active. But actually this new abyssal site running is a really solid go to these days. You can read more about it here https://wiki.eveuniversity.org/Abyssal_Deadspace

But given that you have a JF /industry pilot, you might find it easier to do something like reactions (turning moon goo into t2 things) or just building things like capitals. The most efficient kind of isk making normally is the most passive kind (its easy) so like contract flipping, market flipping ,things like that.

Anyways, my pitch is that I’d also love for you to join fweddit’s discord to talk to you about my corp, Fweddit, to see if it’s something that might interest you. https://discord.gg/0kCRVItfTl2qAwf1.

Fweddit’s part of Free Range Chikuns, a proud poultry loving, small USTZ NS/LS alliance that specializes in blops drops, cap drops, and small gang fights.

But even if you don’t join my corp, come say hi anyways and I can help you out in your quest to find the PVE thing that best suits you

(ottomans proud) #11

Mea culpa welcome you if you wish to be a part of our team. We can help you. Just Come by and lets talk in our discord Chanel

(Materia Stone) #12

Hey mate, jump on our discord and check out our information. Active support for all members, pvp and isk making with access to most of EVE. …