PvP -- Low-Sec / Null-Sec: Genesis, Solitude, Kor-Azor, Syndicate; Drops, BlOps, & Good Fights

“Instant local” I love it.

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Recruitment is still open. Sign up for fleet abyssal or to get on kills like this:

Recruitment is still open.

I’m interested. Names Ahiga Dakine. I’ve been away for a bit and coming back to eve and need to get back in the ring.


Sounds great. I’m away from my desk at the moment but we’ve had a busy and productive day. I’d be happy to get you in chat or on comms when it works out for you timing-wise. Feel free to hang out in our public channel in game and next time we’re both on we can chat in Discord and see if it’s a good fit.

Fly safe o7

Recruitment is still open. We are looking for both combatants and industrialists of all skill levels. What you don’t know, we can teach you.

Recruitment is still open.

Come join us, explore the riches of lowsec, make new friends via pvp :slight_smile:

Mine, rat, run level 5s, the choice is yours.

Coms, drunken roams oh my.

Good corp still recruiting, looking for all types of players from new bros to the saltiness of bittervets.

Drop by and say hi.

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do you guys have a discord or site link?

Hey @MightyMighty_Monarch,

Yeah, join us on discord here: https://discord.gg/6Vnubp

Come join us, you know you want to :slight_smile:

Morning yall, you know you want to join us.
Looking for all walks of life and talent. :slight_smile:

Recruitment is still open.

Still looking for members, new and old.
Come fly with us, mine with us and have fun.
Pvp, pve there is always something on.
We shall teach you the ways of isk and tears.

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Additional pylons crafted. Unit limit increased. Join the Heresy and claim your share of the spoils of war.

Recruitment is still open.

Hey, I’m a returning, but mostly new player. 2.5 million SP and can fly up to a destroyer. Would likely go Omega and be willing to fill any role needed. Forgot most of what I knew when last I played, so basically a newbie.

Hi @Aimee_Vorn,

Welcome back. When you get a moment, I’d like to invite you to join our Discord so we can chat for a bit and see if it’s a good fit. The link is above.

Recruitment is still open. Looking for whale killers, king crabs, and abyssal addicts.

Still looking for the miner, lv5 mission runner, the crazy pilot who thinks he can pvp…oh wait thats me.
Good corp and good alliance, life your looking for a nice home, hit us up. We pvp, mine rat and talk about cars.
If not come hang out on the gate and we will say hi :slight_smile: .