PVP pilots wanted for null sec small gang and fleet pvp

Legends Unbound is looking to acquire a considerable amount of PVP orientated pilots for it’s assault wing.

We offer our combat pilots the following:

  • Firm, safe and secure (mostly) null sec base of operations.
  • Corp owned and fitted doctrine ships for use in planned operations.
  • Ship replacement program for any losses incurred.
  • Null sec PVE sanctum sites for high end isk income for your non-PVP times.
  • Monthly rewards for most kills.
  • Voice comms via discord and TS3 at alliance level.
  • Weekly goals, and long term goals.
  • While our immediate area of space is 90% secure, we have multiple hostiles around us within a couple of jumps to ensure target rich environment for hunting.
  • Small gang roams are a common occurrence in our corp.
  • You are encouraged to do solo PVP if that’s your thing.
  • We also do large fleet PVP mostly at alliance level which includes but is not limited to structure bashes and fleet defence.
  • No operation is mandatory! real life comes first and we understand this is simply a game [:o]
  • Friendly chill environment, no drama.
  • Loot and salvage buy back system.
  • We also support high sec war target hunting during war times, but we mainly stay in null sec to be honest.
  • We are NBSI (not blue shoot it)
  • We are part of QFC (Querious Fight Club)
  • We are US and EU time zoned with 24/7 activity and high amount of pilots online at all times!

We are looking for pilots who:

  • Are friendly and dedicated to joining a social and chill corporation
  • Want to take part in PVP and corp life
  • Speak fluent english (for easy communication).
  • Willing to learn and train doctrine where needed.
  • Are not a drama queen.
  • Must be able to use voice comms
  • Must provide a FULL UNLIMITED API when requested.

Additionally we would love it if you have the following but NOT required!

  • FC experience
  • T3 cruiser skills
  • Stealth bomber skills
  • Capital ship skills
  • Sense of humour*


To join please convo me in game or drop into our recruitment channel: “Unbound Recruitment” for a friendly chat.

Fly safe

Want to fly a great bunch of guys in all time zones? JOIN UP!
Want to have a small gang take on bigger targets and win? COME FEEL THE GLORY
Want to be rewarded for killing? Have your losses covered? WE DO THAT
Wanna see what big fleet fights look like? COME SEE
Wanna go off solo lone wolf style where everyone not blue to you is a target, but also knowing we got your back if SHTF? JOIN UP WE WELCOME THAT!!!

Got fleet command experience, veteran pilot and wanna lead and help train lesser experienced pilots?

With current wars in null sec unfolding we have lots and lots of PVP opportunity right now. Join up for pew pew pew fun