[PVP/PVE] Pilots, Lend me your ears!

Looking for Opportunities? Check.
Looking for Friendly Corp? Check.
Looking for Ores and Missions? Check.
Looking for PVP? Check.
Read the rest and become intrigued? … Well hurry up :stuck_out_tongue:

XCore Inc [XCOR.] is a small, Corporation with a independent focus of building something alittle different, Pilots who have a focus on Industry and Manufacturing, but aren’t afriad to pick up a gun and shoot someone when the time arrises. We class ourselves as Industrialists with Teeth and focus on bettering ourselves through Cooperation, Shared Experience, and Camaraderie, with a small dabble of blood thirsty manic obsession in making anything that sits still long enough go BOOOOOOOOM!

On Offer:

  • Relaxed, friendly Non Stress/Drama Environment.
  • RL always comes first.
  • Plenty of PVE to keep even the seasoned Rock Gobbler or Rat Catcher happy.
  • Regular Weekend Ops.
  • Corp Buyback.
  • Corp Tax: 2.5%
  • Assistance with Logistics.
  • Guidence, Knowledge and support.

What we are looking for in a Pilot:

  • 5mil SP Minimum.
  • Engage and involvement in Corp activities.
  • Be active on Corp Discord and Comms.
  • Willing to Work towards Common Goals.
  • Willingness to Share, learn and help fellow Pilots.
  • Be active, Deadweight get the boot.
  • Omega Clones ONLY! Sorry Alpha’s :frowning:
  • All TZ’s Welcome, however Corp focus 0600 to 1400 Evetime.
  • Self-Starter, Can make the most of even most challenging situations.
  • Interview and Background checks as usual.
  • 21 yrs of age minimum.

If you this sounds like you? Then Drop us a line and have a chat ingame: > XCOR Public <, Recruiter not on? No Problem, Mail this dropkick —>> Grig Xur

Drop By and lets get the ball rolling.

Recruitment open and spots available :slight_smile:

Looking for a change? Come have a chat

Looking for Pilots who want to get in on the Ground Floor!

Still room, come by and say hello

Come say hello!

Looking for those willing to get in on the ground floor and help build a good solid community focused corp and lend support to the Alliance, Drop by and say hello

i sent a mail to ya m8, im not really to active on the forums but i play eve alot, if im not on tq im usually fuckin around in a nyx on sisi so feel free to convo me

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Already replied to you mate

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Do you take people that are mostly in ratting. I don’t have a lot of PvP experience

Pilots, Lend me your ears!

I’m a new player to Eve, an Aussie and looking for fellow Aussie players. I like the PVE side of things, and currently am only alpha status. Would like to be able to upgrade when I get the hang of the game and can make some isk to afford it…

p.s The wife wouldn’t let me sub to the game… haha

Are you looking for a home? Want to Mine and Rat, with access to PVP? Drop by and lets have a chat.

Come by for a chat, Recruiter online right now!

Come say hello!, We are always looking for new blood.

Looking for new blood to boost our ranks, Drop me a mail and say hello and we can see how you can fit in

Drop me a mail and say hello and we can see how you can fit in

Time to look for the elusive Pilot. :smile:

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