[PVP/PVE] Pilots, Lend me your ears!


(Grig Xur) #1

Looking for Opportunities? Check.
Looking for Friendly Corp? Check.
Looking for Ores and Missions? Check.
Looking for PVP? Check.
Read the rest and become intrigued? … Well hurry up :stuck_out_tongue:

XCore Inc [XCOR.] is a small, Corporation with a independent focus of building something alittle different, Pilots who have a focus on Industry and Manufacturing, but aren’t afriad to pick up a gun and shoot someone when the time arrises. We class ourselves as Industrialists with Teeth and focus on bettering ourselves through Cooperation, Shared Experience, and Camaraderie, with a small dabble of blood thirsty manic obsession in making anything that sits still long enough go BOOOOOOOOM!

On Offer:

  • Relaxed, friendly Non Stress/Drama Environment.
  • RL always comes first.
  • Plenty of PVE to keep even the seasoned Rock Gobbler or Rat Catcher happy.
  • Regular Weekend Ops.
  • Corp Buyback.
  • Corp Tax: 2.5%
  • Assistance with Logistics.
  • Guidence, Knowledge and support.

What we are looking for in a Pilot:

  • 5mil SP Minimum.
  • Engage and involvement in Corp activities.
  • Be active on Corp Discord and Comms.
  • Willing to Work towards Common Goals.
  • Willingness to Share, learn and help fellow Pilots.
  • Be active, Deadweight get the boot.
  • Omega Clones ONLY! Sorry Alpha’s :frowning:
  • All TZ’s Welcome, however Corp focus 0600 to 1400 Evetime.
  • Self-Starter, Can make the most of even most challenging situations.
  • Interview and Background checks as usual.
  • 21 yrs of age minimum.

If you this sounds like you? Then Drop us a line and have a chat ingame: > XCOR Public <, Recruiter not on? No Problem, Mail this dropkick —>> Grig Xur

Drop By and lets get the ball rolling.

(Grig Xur) #2

Recruitment open and spots available :slight_smile:

(Grig Xur) #3

Looking for a change? Come have a chat

(Grig Xur) #4

Looking for Pilots who want to get in on the Ground Floor!

(Grig Xur) #5

Still room, come by and say hello

(Grig Xur) #6

Come say hello!

(Grig Xur) #7

Looking for those willing to get in on the ground floor and help build a good solid community focused corp and lend support to the Alliance, Drop by and say hello

(deathfacade) #8

i sent a mail to ya m8, im not really to active on the forums but i play eve alot, if im not on tq im usually fuckin around in a nyx on sisi so feel free to convo me

(Grig Xur) #9

Already replied to you mate

(Carmila Starborn) #10

Do you take people that are mostly in ratting. I don’t have a lot of PvP experience

(Grig Xur) #12

Pilots, Lend me your ears!

(Caitlyn Dallocort) #13

I’m a new player to Eve, an Aussie and looking for fellow Aussie players. I like the PVE side of things, and currently am only alpha status. Would like to be able to upgrade when I get the hang of the game and can make some isk to afford it…

p.s The wife wouldn’t let me sub to the game… haha

(Grig Xur) #14

Are you looking for a home? Want to Mine and Rat, with access to PVP? Drop by and lets have a chat.

(Grig Xur) #15

Come by for a chat, Recruiter online right now!

(Grig Xur) #16

Come say hello!, We are always looking for new blood.

(Grig Xur) #17

Looking for new blood to boost our ranks, Drop me a mail and say hello and we can see how you can fit in

(Grig Xur) #18

Drop me a mail and say hello and we can see how you can fit in

(Grig Xur) #19

Time to look for the elusive Pilot. :smile:

(system) #20

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