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Pyfa does model the damage correctly, including indicating that the theoretical maximum is approximately 82km (assuming the server ticks are in your favor). I think the value pyfa shows is intentionally lower to indicate the longest range the missile is guaranteed to hit assuming the last server tick is not in your favor (so there is no “gambling” involved).

Kadesh Priestess question: I thought in pyfa the missiles were supposed to show 50% damage in the “middle area” before the final server tick per the above graph - why is this showing above 50% damage? (This graph is missiles Heavily Missile Launchers only, no turrets or drones).

EDIT: Figured out why. Had to reread earlier explanation :+1:

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adding a webbing drone to projected effects produced:

pyfa v2.22.1
EVE Data Version: 1751741 (2020-06-18 11:35:35)

OS version: Windows-10-10.0.18362-SP0
Python version: 3.7.7 (tags/v3.7.7:d7c567b08f, Mar 10 2020, 10:41:24) [MSC v.1900 64 bit (AMD64)]
wxPython version: 4.0.6 (wxWidgets 3.0.5)
SQLAlchemy version: 1.3.17
Logbook version: 1.5.3
Requests version: 2.24.0
Dateutil version: 2.8.1


Traceback (most recent call last):
File “gui\builtinAdditionPanes\”, line 202, in fitChanged
File “gui\builtinAdditionPanes\”, line 218, in refreshContents
File “gui\builtinAdditionPanes\”, line 165, in droneSort
AttributeError: type object ‘DroneView’ has no attribute ‘DRONE_ORDER’

wtb dark mode pyfa pls

Hi, can you please make the right panel wider in the macOS version, some of the values are not shown because they don’t fit.



Hello ive been trying to import a character and was told i need to go into character editor create character and then manage character but i get this error message when i click character editor…

any help would be great

Was abyssal module support added?

I thought I saw somewhere mention of this.

Hello, I apologize ahead if this is not the correct place to report a discrepancy, but i have a Pyfa 2.24.1 that shows a Mrymidon fit as cap stable (all 5 skills setting) yet in game depletes in 7:39 according to the Fitting assistant

I’ve used Pyfa for many years an never before had this discrepancy. Micah Janus

I just tested it on Pyfa out of curiosity, and the difference is due to the railguns being off in your screenshot.

If you turn them on, then Pyfa indicates the cap would be depleted in 8m 1s with All 5 skills.

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Just wondering how we’re going with a night mode for this app? Currently, doing late night lab sessions is horribly painful on the old retinas.

Would it be possible to add a feature that can delete all of my in game saved fits.

Can you please keyword Multispectrum Shield smth or whatever it’s called now back to “Invu” please? Same for “Ener ada” :grin:.

Hard to rewrite muscle memory. All kinds of “Multifrequency” get in the way as well =(.

It would be AWESOME if pyfa implemented this, the inverse of the “Affected By” tab, basically: Fitting UI: functional filtering of modules


Would it be possible to have an ‘Alpha Only’ mode that removes all ships and modules that require Omega skills?

Currently I have a ‘Max Skill Alpha’ setting for trained skills but only after I add a module does the currently unknown skill red warning show. Also for your average new player knowing which ships on the create new fitting list are Alpha compatible is a daunting task.

Having an Alpha Only mode would also allow non-max skill alpha pilots to input their current skills, create a fit that is alpha friendly, and plan their skill training accordingly.

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