Q: Cloaking

Am wondering several things here about cloaking is it effectively as per star trek Klingon usage ? ie. can only remain cloaked whilst virtually inactive ? Does it remain active whilst doing things like some even passive engagements like mining astriods, moons, gas clouds etc… ?

Also finally just how effective is it ? Does it for example make you totally invisible to others ? Or is it a percentage thing dependant on the skill of anothers survey/scanning ability ?

Here is a good rundown about cloaking.


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The above is indeed a good resource to read. To answer your question specifically:

Basically, you can be 100% hidden, but at the cost of being unable to do anything except move (often at reduced velocity), warp (if you have a covert ops cloaking device) and scan (D-Scan or probe scan only you launched your probes before cloaking up). If anything comes within 2km of you, you will uncloak.

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