QCATS: Gallente FW Casual PvP Corp Recruiting!


We’re QCATS: https://zkillboard.com/corporation/1126669495/

QCATS is a casual PvP corp fighting in Faction Warfare (FW) for the Gallente.

We offer a variety of perks:

  • Nisuwa as a low-sec staging system. We call Nisuwa home which puts you right in the heart of the Cal/Gal militia FW pvp: http://evemaps.dotlan.net/map/Caldari_VS_Gallente#kills24
  • We keep Nisuwa well stocked with ships and equipment at or near Jita pricing. We have access to multiple jump freighters and can bring you anything you need.
  • You will have access as ‘blue’ to Galministan (the SOV that the Gallente corps control in Cloud Ring)
  • Dedicated coms/broadcasts via Teamspeak and Discord

We’re looking for pilots:

  • 10m SP -or- a handle on PvP
  • Ability to use TS/Discord (required for the optional roams, fleets, etc)

Please feel free to AMA here or in game (same screen name).

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