QCATS is a NBSI PvP corp in the Gallente Militia of Faction Warfare.

What we offer:

  • Casual PvP Corp: all content is optional and nothing more than an opportunity to put some green on your killboard

  • Strong PvP pilots and FCs in the corp and alliance

  • Regular Pvp Content: multi alliance 100+ pilot fleets, nightly alliance roams, capital hot drops, corp kitchen sink frig hunts and more

  • A well stocked home base right in the thick of things: Nisuwa

  • LP Buyback and other ISK making opportunities

  • Access to Null-Sov for ratting, PvP, and etc.

  • Access to JF pilots to jump in whatever you need

  • An extensive citadel network

  • Dedicated Discord and TeamSpeak servers

  • Industrial/mining alt opportunities

What we’re looking for

  • US TZ-ish

  • Competency in at least frig hulls

  • Some PvP experience

  • Culture fit

Join our pub channel QCATS for more recruitment info or contact GoingOffRoading or SeaBase Vadum

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