(Quality of Life improvement) Recommendation to re-work the naming convention of all items in the "group" sorting category

While a larger overhaul of the item sorting options is overdue (imho), this is a recommendation to greatly improve the ability to sort through and manage large quantities of items and make the 'group’ing of items much more useful and better group like-items together for sorting purposes – mainly for blueprints, ammunition ore, and subsystems.

Due to the limitation of alphabetical being the main sorting option, re-ordering the group tags to be a (group) (type) (thing) order would solve very many problems, as opposed to the current somewhat inconsistent (thing/type)(type/thing) (group) for those key words. In other words, doing for ammo and blueprints what has previously been done to rigs to help them stay sorted when you have large quantities of various items.

To illustrate with an example


Inferno Rage Rocket – Advanced Rocket
Void L – advanced hybrid charge
Arkonor – Arkonor
Omen Blueprint – Cruiser blueprint
Cap Booster 800 – Capacitor Booster
Loki Defensive - Augmented Durability – Defensive Subsystem
Thrasher Blueprint – Destroyer blueprint
Antimatter S – hybrid charge
Gneiss – Gneiss
Omber – Omber
Tengu Offensive - Accelerated Ejection bay – Offensive Subsystem
Scourge Rocket - Rocket

AFTER CHANGE: name – group (with modified group language)

Inferno Rage Rocket – Ammo Rocket Advanced
Scourge Rocket - Ammo Rocket Standard
Void L – Ammo Hybrid Advanced
Antimatter S – Ammo Hybrid Standard
Omen Blueprint – Blueprint Cruiser
Thrasher Blueprint – Blueprint Destroyer
Cap Booster 800 – Capacitor Booster
Arkonor – Ore Arkonor
Gneiss – Ore Gneiss
Omber – Ore Omber
Loki Defensive - Augmented Durability – Subsystem Defensive Loki
Tengu Offensive - Accelerated Ejection bay – Subsystem Offensive Tengu

Notice how sorting by groups actually sorts things by groupings of similar item now! Similar to the previous change of the rig groups were changed from “XXX rig” to “Rig XXX” so that all of the 'Rig’s are next to each other with the alphabetical sorting so that all of the rigs are next to each other when you sort by group!

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It should not end there either. Ammo of the same kind should be grouped together.

This is madness.

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This is what “tiericide” does, and they work through these a group at a time. There hasn’t been any in a few months, but that’s largely because everybody is working on the expansion.

What expansion?

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