Quarantine Fleet - PVP Content Generation (BLOPS, Small/Mid/Lrg Size gang, Roams)

GOD DAMN! IT’S ROTS & JOEY! Good to see you gents around again! I’d highly recommended any corp under these bois, hella fun and good times to be had.

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Kill all day!

We main line in murder lol

Here ye here ye fite time






Bang Bang

WTB finnish player :slight_smile:

no joke lol

“Hold please” -Rots Mijnwerker

jump on it

Hit us up!!


HI hows it going , im 80 mil sp sub cap pvp focused player all hacs all recons all assault and ewar frigs 5 a few destroyer t3d links also at 5 , im looking for a new corp as my own has collapsed / run away to brave to become an industrial corp after our ceo SuperPosition quit game and crabbers have taken over. the ideal corp would have few blues and a love of small to medium gang pvp.

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