Very Active Indy and PVP Looking for a Null sec home

Ill keep this short and honest. I need to make that sweet sweet space $$$$.

Im experienced in null and will be bringing a cap and a roq.

There have been changes in null from last i played. I was trying to get back to Null in a small crop in feb then the ddos attack and we couldn’t log into defend.

So im looking for a solid home in nul to rebuild my cap and super cap fleet. and maybe have some fun in wars in null.

Im on way to much as a retired adult I have plenty of time to hunt again once I can get reestablished. But I also enjoy pvp fleets and home defense / CTA

we are a new alliance out in Solitude and we our looking for pvp and indy corps to join
If you want the life in null/low sec with good mining ores and friendly laidback approach where we work together to better etch other not just the alliance
And no 1 in the allince is a number we are a family allince and real life comes 1 st And we look after are allince menbers

join our discord channel
And you can put a application in to the alliance

HI @Royal_Darkmoon,

Welcome back to the game. Since you mentioned that you were returning, I thought I’d mention that a lot has changed, especially about industry. While you consider your options, I’d like to add our low-sec group to your list of considerations because we have serious ISK-making potential through our access to high-quality moon ores. We are very active PvPers and are among the top killers across several regions. If you fly with us you’ll put some green on your board and in your wallet.

Check us out, i think you’d enjoy it here!

Join the UNKSO Corp and help us defend our new Null Space!

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