Queen Sac - Newbie Highsec Corp - Anyone welcome

We are a chill highsec corp made of newbies

We primarily do mining at the moment but plan on expanding

We accept nearly anyone from veterans of the game to first day players. we do not care about your skill level

What we offer currently:
-Mining boosts to improve income
-No required activities
-Help to new players
-Moon mining potential
-Main citadel close to Jita the main trade hub

What we plan to offer soon:
-Ship replacement program for ships lost during fleets
-Free mining and/or exploration frigates for newbies
-Scheduled mining ops

If you are interested in joining or have any questions message one of our recruiters
We will be primarily communicating through discord
Our recruiters:
Discord: (meatSHtick#8348) In game: (R0QU3 Anthar)
Discord: (YAYEETER YEETS6#8290) Ingame: (jita yeets)

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