Question about ESI and Agents of corporations NPC

Hi, i am now near to finish my own evemon version (skills/ assets / queue / planets / jobs industry running / standings ) and i dont find the point to ask for data about the agents for reputations. Before someone ask me teh source code or install, is a simple code based in the idea of windows of 20 minutes withut refrsh token, for now. is a static photo of the moment u enter, but at the moment is better solution for ME than no evemon, focusing in replace my current script for my own 48 chars control, via PHP without docket and composer for making siple the installation in shared cpanel. (i have servers and vps but dont want composer or docker for many reasons)

I am seeking looking for a response of the standings NPCagents subarray, example standings give me in json


exist a method to check 3019122 and what type / level / solar system is ? i want if possible stay away of the SDE.

For Agent information, there is an open issue about this

tl;dr Use the SDE as it isn’t currently possible as of now via ESI.

Um i assume i need do that later. Currently focusing in finish my solution to the public.

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