Question about new blops conduit and skills required

First question is probably the most obvious.

  1. Do you actually need the covert portal generator to do a conduit jump?
  2. It says in the release notes that it costs 1000isotypes per lightyear to conduit up to 30 other ships. Is this cost reduced by portal generation skill that is required to use covert portal generator and if not do you really only need jump portal generation at level 1 assuming that creating a conduit jump even requires the use of a covert portal generator.

That is all. Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

You do need the covert jump portal generator to conduit jump.
(Edit: you do.)

Conduit jump cost is a flat 1000 isotopes per lightyear and is not affected by skills, ship weight or ships you take with you.

Jump portal skill is only needed at level 1 for blops and only if you intend to open a bridge. The skill is not needed for conduit jumping, but there may be combat situations you only want to jump bombers or cruisers in and leave your battleship behind, so I would get that skill anyway for your blops pilot.

Be mindful that conduit jumping is instantaneous and without consent of nearby uncloaked covops and blops ships in fleet, so you really need to trust the blops pilots in your fleet to not take you to the wrong place at the wrong time. You don’t want your bling T3C to be dropped in a combat situation while you were grabbing a coffee. :wink:

Lol true that. I have been in a blops fleet where the blops opened a bridge to a bait cyno by accident. I didn’t go through the bridge and got to laugh at the ones that did. I can only imagine what would happen if the conduit feature was used lol.

lol true.
thanks for the reply

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