Question about NVIDIA DLSS & AMD FSR


I know EVE Online have AMD FSR 1.0 support. My question is if EVE Online will be getting 'NVIDIA DLSS 2 / 3 support in the future?

Or if EVE Online ONLY will have FSR, can we at least get FSR 2.2 / 3 (once that comes out)?

The best choice would ofc be to support both DLSS 2 / 3 and FSR 2.2 / 3 (after it comes out).

I completely agree, the support for DLSS 2/3 would be amazing for me running my RTX 2060 who would like to use my full 144hz monitor <3

fsr 1.0 supports all cards, which is why CCP implemented it.

Isn’t FSR in it self open source and can be supported on all GPUs?

I don’t know about open source, but it’s generally considered AMD’s version of DLSS. The reason why 1.0 works on all cards, is because AMD made it support all cards. Nvida wont even support their popular 10 series cards with DLSS.

According to AMD, FSR 2.0 is also open source.

AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution 2 (FSR 2)

You can even download the API from that link so it can be used.

And ‘Tom’s Hardware’ here says FSR 2.0 can be used on all GPUs:

From your link:

What about older graphics cards? In theory, FSR 2.0 should still work, but the gains may not be as pronounced according to AMD.

Assuming it works at all (the above example was an AMD provided game,) you have a situation where the performance improvements are lower than fsr1.0 and the improvement in graphic fidelity is debatable whether or not it will be that much improved. Maybe CCP will implement it into the game, but that takes dev hours.

So yeah, I guess fsr 2.0 is the most realistic option, but CCP might have reasons why they didn’t implement it.

I don’t think anyone on the player side cares what is open source and what is not. What’s important is the end result, and in all games I’ve tried FSR is noticably worse than DLSS and DLSS gets better and better (I’m a 4080 user and compared FSR to DLSS in multiple games).

I’m running 3 EVE Online clients at the same time, in High settings in 4K, and the PC begins to struggle a bit with the heat dissipation. Enabling FSR turns the image into a blurry horror, no matter if it’s Ultra Quality or Balance. I just want to keep the pretty 4K image but cut down on the heating issue when multiboxing.

Since CCP makes money on people multiboxing, it’d make sense for them to address this issue.

As an nvidia user I frequently choose FSR2.0 over DLSS 2 or DLSS 2.5, i think FSR 2.0 looks a lot more stable

Don’t know about FSR 2 vs DLSS 2, but as a recent example take Starfield: its FSR 2 support is so bad that paying $5 for the DLSS 3 addon is the only good option.

They announced at fanfest DLSS 3.5 FSR 3.0 arrival, early 2024.

with Raytracing too !! for light, and GPU driven dx12 for the optimization !


I agree, we need FSR 2.2/3 and also DLSS 3.5 for saving a lot energy when playing the game on higher settings + a better image quality on top of that.
FSR 1.0 is super out dated in my opinion and 2.2 is getting there now slowly.
Looking forward to FSR 3 in the next coming weeks.

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