DLSS 3.5 / FSR 3.0 arrival announced at fanfest, early 2024 - Any further info?

Hello to everyone! Hope you are all flying dangerously, and having a blast while losing cough killing ships while you’re at it! =P

It was announced at the last fanfest that DLSS 3.5 and/or FSR 3.0 arrival would be early 2024. I was wondering if there was any further info, or possible “opt-in” options for fellow pilots in Eve to opt into?
Hopefully it’s coming soon! The good 'ol vid card can’t wait to heat up the house this winter from running it. LOL.

Take care ya’ll.
Fly Dangerous
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Screw DLSS 3.5, I want 4K textures!

Ok, I also want DLSS too, but priorities.


If you want good graphics spend some time outside :slight_smile:


Hey, I go camping/outside with my laptop all the time!


Pretty good graphics outside for sure tho… but yah.

Well, personally I want DLSS 3.5 over the 4k textures, but that would be awesome too. 4k textures coming, when is that supposed to be happening?

You are not playing EVE right, it seems. Real multiboxers play with all fancy stuff turned of on low shaders!

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Lol oh right… let me disable all those “Highly Advanced Options” haha

Hey Multimorti Oramara :slight_smile:

We don’t have an exact release date, but the work has been going really well internally. We’re in the final development stages, which is mostly lots of tweaking and defect fixes.

Keep an eye on the news items for a release date.


Hey CCP Caffeine! Good to see you, and thank you for your reply! Very cool/good news! It should be pretty sweet I think, hehe. I wonder what all it will do… for now I wait patiently in excitement! =)
Take care. Ty again!! =)
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Thanks for the reply. FSR 1.0 is great for older cards, but I’m certainly looking forward to the improvements 3.0 can bring.

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Test server normally has graphics tests too.

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