Questions about transfer character

(K'hazar) #1

can i transfer character from alpha account? can i pay plex for transfer?Must i make petition for it?

(Tiddle Jr) #2

yes you can and there is Character Bazar forum fo rsuch a things

(Zoltan Lazar) #3

I don’t think you can transfer to or from an alpha account.

If your account is omega you can petition for 1000 plex to be used as transfer fee. However, this takes time.

(Brock Khans) #4

You can indeed transfer to/from alpha accounts, I have done this many times.

As Zoltan said you purchase 1000 plex and move it to your plex vault. You then open up a support ticket in the Character Transfer group. To speed things up, include a link to your character bazaar post, and of course the destination account.

Expect a 1-5day wait

You can even recruit yourself, and transfer the character to a fresh account with 0 toons and redeem the 250k free SP on that toon, despite it not being a new toon.

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