Move character between 2 accounts I own (one is alpha)


not sure if this is the right place to ask, I apologise if this should not be the right place, feel free to close it or move it in case.

I have 2 accounts belonging to me, associated with the same email address.

One is alpha and one is Omega. The alpha was previously Omega.

I would like to transfer a character with 11mln SP and 70.000 unallocated SP from the alpha account to the Omega one. The omega one has a free slot of course.

Can I do that?
Do I need to go through the Char Bazaar forum for this?
Do I need to pay Omega in the alpha account to transfer the char?
if not, will the 11mln SP char be moved with all his 11mln SP or only with the 5mln alpha ones?


If you own both accounts, can imitate account transfer without Bazaar. All SP stays with the character regardless of Omega or Alpha status. See for other questions/details.


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