My name is Famine Aligher’ri, CEO of RELLIK and owner of eve-piracy.com here. I am looking for new blood to join me in NULL-sec space to help me with various pirate activities from gate camping, mining disruption, and ransoming krabs or industrialist.

Right now, I’m just not enough. It’s tough out here being alone. I have targets identified, I have locations scouted, I just need more power. Take a look at this latest gif. This was taken about a hour from this posting.


There is content out here and I need you to help me!


  • Be USTZ player
  • Have ability to fly frigates and at least fast assault frigates
  • Have comms and can speak English
  • Willing to learn, be mature, and have fun


  • Loads of content
  • Small skirmish PvP
  • Do some good helping a dead trade
  • ISK split 50/50 on ransoms and loot
  • NULL access
  • Learning opportunities

Want to see more?

Check out my latest pirate stores on www.eve-piracy.com to see what I’ve been up to. You can also check out my fancy recruitment video here.


Join channel, “RELLIK” or contact me in-game at Famine Aligher’ri

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Bump! Join me!


We need blood! So many miners and ratters out here that need a tax! Help me ransom them! I can’t do it alone! HALLPP!


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What about if I used an alpha (around 8mil SP)? I know I wouldn’t exactly be pulling my weight, so I wouldn’t require any loot. Plus, if I like it and get sucked into it, I will most certainly commit an omega toon to it.

Absolutely! If you got a frigate and guns, lets go!

This could be us, together, having fun!


Check out our new recruitment video just posted today!

Got 1 new recruit, need more! Let’s have fun! Small skirmish PvP against PvE targets to do actual ransom piracy. What are you waiting for?

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