Pirates Without Borders is looking for you

Hey all. I’m looking to start an offensive pirate corp basing in lowsec and npc null with a jump clone network. I’m looking for players who aren’t afraid to fight under-manned, and prioritize pew over isk or LP. Based out of Egghelende, we will be harassing the faction warfare carebears, blob fleets, and Angels, showing them what a real pirate corp does. The more we destroy, the bigger our war chest will become. We’re starting with zero srp. The corp will be what you make it. Fly solo, fly skirmish, or in a public fleet. Whatever you want. Just fly. The occasional day trip will be taken into w-space for shiny kills and loot runs to fund the corp should it need to spend isk.


of only you named the corp Prirates Without Morals

Cool. Maybe next time


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