Recruiting Experienced Pilots PVP Corp

Hello Pirates!

I am forming a group of dedicated players who want to ban together to cause some major upheaval.

Our focus is small tight knit groups of good and experienced players who are independent warriors.

We are a force multiplier with our presence alone, I am looking for pilots skilled with Interceptors, Covert Ops, T3C, Logi, Recon, T3D, BC, Dictors etc. Really if you are a pilot that knows your role and wants to make an impact on the battlefield, we’re the corp for you. We don’t half do anything and any move we make is winning.

I want to make friends and fly with players who are looking to make a large impact in whatever alliance, battle, or region we turn our attentions to. We run constant fleets and provide the maximum support any corp has to offer their members.

Requirements Include being Coachable, being able to Coach Others, Team Oriented Mindset, Will and Eye Towards Victory.

Send me a message in game.

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