Raata Fleet Command recruiting

Raata Fleet Command is a revamp of an old paramilitary unit or “corporation” to use the contemporary term. But we at the RFCOM are not a business in the typical sense, we do not care about share prices and bottom lines, we care about the pretty glow the lights from exploding enemies make on the inside of our pods.

We “mine” bounties from the destroyed ships of the enemies of the State.
We “profit” from the sale of the salvaged remains of the enemies of the State whom we have destroyed.

Like any patriotic Caldari endeavour we promote in line with proven ability and loyalty, and we destroy without mercy those who attempt to poison and destroy our brothers (and sisters).

As part of our “revamp” we are looking to recruit those pilots who specialise in hunting non-pod ships, whose steadfast dedication to the State makes them take on the hard, dangerous and unglamorous contracts that non-the less secure the State and its peoples against enemies within and without.

We do not sit on camps in the middle of no-intellect space scratching our pods and trolling through wakipodunki entries to amuse ourselves. Nor to we target defenceless haulers in nospec space whilst rubbing our pods about illiterate we are. No we patrol the trade routes of high sec, the mineral fields of high sec and the deadspaces of high sec and hunt and kill the enemies of the State wherever they might seek to hide. It is not glamourous, there is little honour to be gained by twitting about your latest gonk kill on the interweebs.
There is just pure and simple service to the State and the warm glow that tomorrow your mum will be down the local Co-operative mega-mart and will be able to hold her head up high in the company of other Caldari citizens who will gaze admiringly at her in the knowledge that her sons & daughters risk their lives daily so that other citizens might live safe and productive lives.

Do you want to be such a citizen with such a quiet and proud mother?
Do you want to know you are doing vital work for its own sake without the egotistical narcissism the other empires cater too in order to get the job done?

If so contact DM_Domination or drop into RFCOM now and make youself known!

Raata Fleet Command is a high-sec, PVE corp looking for good players to fleet up with for missions and pirate stronghold tasks.

Good spoken English is required to facilitate voices comms on discord.
Caldari ships required, lesser hulls just do not have the chops.
Caldari citizens only need apply, note this is not limited to mere racial status, one must be Caldari in spirit and mindset to be worthy of fraternity with us, not just of the blood.

We have a meritorious structure where proven loyalty and ability will be promoted.
Low variable tax rates mean that you will be saving a significant of your bounty income from the State corporation’s 11% you had to endure in training. Our “tax” is often set to 0% but be aware that occasional operations will be undertaken where the “tax” will be higher for the duration in order to raise specific funds for a specific task before returning to their normal nominal level.

Contact DM_Domination or drop into RFCOM now and make it known you are interested to know more.

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