Rage and Ruin Minmatar faction Warfare corp

Rage and Ruin are members of the Minmatar Fleet Alliance.

A group of like-minded individuals that want content and understand that all great PVP alliances need just as great an industry wing. Some of the greatest minds in Lowsec have all come together to create an environment you can learn and flourish in. As an EU/USTZ corp and many other TZ’s within the alliance, you will always have something to do in-game

With constant PVP availability, stocked markets in stations and contracts for all doctrine fits. Mining fleets, Jump freighter services and LP markets to sell you LP and fill your wallets with isk.

We have a great no-drama community with small gangs up to structure-size defence fleets in dreads and battleships. So whatever level you are at in-game there is a place for you in Rage and Ruin.

You can apply in-game or by using our Discord to ask any questions.

Viva Minmatar and death to the Slavers!

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