Rage and Ruin - Faction Warfare PVP, without the Drama!

Rage and Ruin is recruiting pilots for Minmatar Faction Warface PvP

Who we are:

Formed from a group of players who were tired of the drama and endless boredom of nullsec, we have moved to Low-Sex and are having a blast shooting ■■■■! We are a chill group of adults, who understand RL comes before gaming. With no PAPs or FATs, we just undock when we want to and have fun shittalking on comms!

If you are tired of the nullsec form of life, and want a new way of playing EVE, with the same sustainable income, and want to fly with a group of friends, where you wont just be Eagle #99,check out our recruitment channel.

We fly with aim and purpose. We have goals we want to achieve, but we realise that at the end of the day, EVE is a game that we want to enjoy playing.

Come and Enjoy EVE again!!!

What we offer:

☼ New Pilot Friendly environment

☼ Daily PvP fleets

☼ PvP/PvE training and advice

☼ Level 5 mission agents

☼ SRP (Ship Replacement Program)

☼ Hauling Service


☼ 8mil SP minimum

☼ Mumble + Discord

Join ‘R+R Recruitment’ in game for further details!!!




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