RageQuit Empire - Multigame Community Recruiting for 0.0

RageQuit Empire is looking for some more people interested in moving to 0.0 and flying with us…

We are part of the Imperium Divine. alliance, and have a unique opportunity for pilots to get in on the ground floor of the corporation. An offshoot from a large (2k+ members) multigame community, our EVE operation is brand new and we have plenty of opportunities to get involved.

We have much of the same thing that most nullsec groups do - plenty of opportunities for PVP, abundant PVE opportunities with low taxes, and a fairly strong industrial and mining wing within the alliance if that’s something you want to try your hand at.

You should note that our primary motivation is PVP - we don’t care if you have never tried it before, or just aren’t good / comfortable with it, but we do require your willingness to participate. We offer many opportunities for new pilots to learn how to PVP in a low-pressure atmosphere where killboards don’t mean much.

Alpha pilots are more than welcome, and we have plenty of support for you including skill plans (and the free books to go with them), low skillpoint friendly doctrines, and free handout ships for ops.

We have no mandatory ops, and your life outside of EVE always comes first. Period. Our only requirements are a willingness to PVP, that you are willing to move out to 0.0 immediately, and that you don’t be a jerkwad. And a full API, of course.

Sound interesting? Interested in learning the ropes of EVE in a low-pressure environment where you aren’t just another number? Join our public channel “RageZone” or reach out to me directly for a conversation!

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