Ranger Industries is RECRUITING!

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Ranger Industries is a community driven corporation within The Rogue Consortium alliance. We are RL first, ambitious corporation who are looking for experienced and new players to join our ranks. Our core goal is to create a friendly, welcoming, and supportive group of players who enjoy a little pew pew and who enjoy also enjoy supporting our member group within T.R.C.

Rangers Offers:

  • SRP
  • Buyback
  • Small & Large Gang Fleets
  • Support for new players
  • Welcome & Active community
  • Industrial parks for ALL building needs

What We Are Looking For:

  • Team Player
  • Wants to Contribute to Corporation/Alliance
  • Willing to PVP/PVE & Mine to support Alliance Nullsec
  • Open to Learning new aspects of the game


  • Omega Clone State
  • Some PvP experience or Interest in learning PVP
  • Open to advice
  • Authorization of toon for Checks
  • Discord & Teamspeak (Needs a mic)

Recruiters are willing to chat about requirements dependent on situations. Join Ranger.Public or join or corporation discord.