Rate the avatar above you

(criss9000) #21

cute / 10

(Keno Skir) #22

Too big. Feels like I’ve seen it several times before. 5/10.

(Val Kaleth) #23

I love it, great colors, expressive. Could use some brighter lighting though. 9/10

(Divad Mahdits) #24

Getting a punk-rock vibe with a touch of Deus Ex mix in there somewhere. 6/10

(Eneela Yatasia) #25

Good lighting, nice attention to detail


(Pix Severus) #26

Cute, hair and tattoo work well together. 8/10

My avatar: Full Size, and Artist’s Impression.

(Khergit Deserters) #27

Creates a distinctive persona and personality. We expect ill will-- subtle and intelligent ill will-- from this person. 9/10

(Just wanted to comment, not necessary to rate my toon. He’s already been rated and told he looks like he just got goosed. Was aiming more for “What, more unbelievable horseshite even more incredible than the last?” look, but being a goosee is just a near miss. (P.S. Personal favorites so far are Nikea Tiber, Pleasure Hub Node-514, and Jadek Kin. Nice artwork, guys)).

(Hideki Kashuken) #28

Hello good looking…

The avatar of Pix’s is almost as good looking as me, but looks a little pale. 8/10

I don’t know if I should judge your avatar as well, Khergit. But sure, 8/10 though you could loose the shades. :wink:

(Sriracha Nighthawk) #29

… Is anyone still out there?

If your aim was to look smug, you did it. That subtle smile is a nice touch.
I just think this is missing a bit of flair.


Higher res

(Dom Arkaral) #30

you look like Admiral Adama and an asian woman had a child…
and you look mad that he chose an asian woman :stuck_out_tongue:


High Res
(still showed the old avatar as of this post

(Amame Kuro) #31

Looks like the Punisher decided to join the Assassin Order. I approve. 9/10.

(Nova Serine) #32

Came for the pretty, stayed for the smirk. Perfectly imperfect! 8/10

(Donald J ElPresidente) #33

Really nice. Good impactful pose, and the lighting makes the portrait look really high res. TERRIFIC 9/10

(WhyYouHeffToBeMad IsOnlyGame) #34

grumpy / 10

(Nana Skalski) #35

Simply beautiful. 10/10

(Hun Tra) #36

Pretty cute, but also fierce. I like it!

(Lasisha Mishi) #37

space football player (or hired thug)
overall, nice look (nice beard). and a nice touch with the tattoo(or is it a barcode?)


(Jonah Gravenstein) #38

You look like you’re being sarcastic or you’re really pissed off.


(Ralph King-Griffin) #39

You’re making the exact face I make almost every time I open general discussion.
One of the defining face’s of eve for me.
9/10 an eve classic.

(Jenne Wain) #40

“Do I REALLY have to explain this for the millionth time on the forum this week?!? Last time I literally poked my own eye out, and since I’ve only got one left, if I’ve got to say this AGAIN, I’m going to claw out YOUR eye.”