Raumkartoffel Mercenary Services is Recruiting Members & Corps

Raumkartoffel is a High Sec Professional Mercenary Alliance looking for Veteran and New Pilots alike. We are a PVP oriented Alliance based out of Domain and Genesis but provide quality Mercenary services all over New Eden. We’re not the largest mercenary group around however that is what makes us effective and better than most. We are primarily US TZ but also have a EU TZ presence with members usually on around the clock.

Applicants don’t have to be the best of the best to join us all we ask is a minimum of 15m sp and the willingness to learn. Additionally, new applicants should be willing and ready to fight at a moments notice as content happens all the time. While we do have SP minimum this is to make sure you fit into basic Doctrine ships thus effectively contributing to the group. We’re making our mark on the Mercenary world and won’t stop till we’re on top!!

Check Out Our Zkill: Raumkartoffel KB

PvP experience is preferred however not required but a open mind and willingness to be taught is more valuable than anything. So if you like blowing up Internet Spaceships and making good ISK check us out!!!

What we Offer

 - Active, Experienced FC's and Members

 - Live in a great area close to 2 Major Trade Hubs

 - Content everyday and ISK Making opportunities

 - Very extensive Infrastructure for Industry and Combat deployment

 - Capital Engagements and BLOPS Operations

 - Established & Working Doctrines across multiple Weapon and Tank Platforms

 - Weekly Fun Fleets to YOLO ■■■■

 - Great group of people with good attitudes (No Drama)

 - SRP Program on ALL Doctrine ships 

 - TS3 and Discord 

Member or Corp Requirements

 - 15m Skill Points (For Doctrine Ships)

 -  Good Attitude and Sense of Humor

 - Willingness to get on Fleets and be active (RL ALWAYS COMES FIRST)

 - Working Microphone for Coms

 - Like to Have fun Blowing up Internet Spaceships

If we’re something you’re interested in joining as a Corporation or Applicant please reach out to us in our Public channel: New Eden Relocation Program or mail Chestnut Yanumano/ Epic DuscheBeg and we would love the opportunity to chat with you!!

o7 and Fly Safe Pilots

Still Looking for Pilots and Corps Alike!!

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