RAZOR Recruiting. #YouFoundRazor

Fellow Capsulers,

It is now over 15 years ago that RAZOR Alliance was founded and we intend to enjoy the game untill the servers are turned off!

After the bloody liberation of Detorid and the surrounding regions we have been living in a enjoyable and content rich enviroment, RAZOR Alliance is a proud multinational alliance and a member of the FI.RE Coalition. With the creation of our coalition we are looking to lead preferably PVP filled lifestyle to “defend” against those that want to threaten our home… with solid dedication to our home in the south-east and loyal friends in the FI.RE coalition, we’re going to continue the great story of RAZOR! We’re back with new space, new friends, and new motivation!

Do you have what it takes to not only hit F1, but F2 and occasionally F3?
Do you enjoy sacrificing ships in glorious balls of fire?
Do you have a disturbing attraction towards goats?
Then find your way to the nearest Razor Suicide Squadron recruitment center today! (No sanity required)

A new chapter has started for RAZOR and you can be part of it!
Become a part of the glorious RAZOR community!
Join in game channel “-RZR- Alliance”.

What we offer for our Goats!


Free brainwashing
And a refusal to die!


Alliance Fleets
Content deployments
Small Gang Roams
Regular BLOPs Fleets
Alliance SRP
Doctrine Ships on contracts in staging systems
Experienced FCs


Safe space for ISK making
Infrastructure that’s planned out (not a bloody mess)
Access to any stations/citadels which belongs to FIRE Allies
Jump Bridge Network
Logistic network
And of course our Community!

Alliance Forum / TS3 / Discord
Coalition TS3 / Discord
Lots of awesome people
One of the oldest and still active Alliance in the game
Out of game events

What we’re searching for:

Self sufficient corporations.
Active corps (Minimum 15 Heartbeats).
must be active in PVP and willing to participate in fleets.
we prefer PVP orientated corps but Industrial corporations who PVP are welcome as well.
we look for People who want to have fun and integrate into the Alliance Life.

To end the post: The Razor Alliance National Anthem

GER: “Gus Garlic” / “Kel’dar Atram”
EUTZ: “Solarsystems” / “Aurelia Breeze” / “Kel’dar Atram”
USTZ: “MomTheDoge” / “PsaiWi Nenothu”


For those looking for Razor - you found us :wink: now come see what we are all about!


Join the Stealthiest Alliance Today!

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We have panache. Join us and you will have fun!

YES, you found Razor!

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Razor is recruiting again ladies and gents!

Razor is still looking for good people and corporations

Don’t delay, apply today.

Hi All,

You found Razor! Come have a chat with us today.

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interested 121 mill s/p pvp pilot.

sent you a ingame mail mate.

OMG I found razor :grinning:

Bump for good old Corp and even older alliance

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YES, you found Razor!

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Is your corporation looking for a home?
Have you been wanting fun fights, destruction and space to use?
Are you wanting a history drench in the blood, swet and salty tears of many nullsec pilots?

Come give Razor Alliance a try! Looking for both Pilots and Corporations. EU and US TS welcome o/

Joining RAZOR, we quickly found that unless you request it, there will be NO unwanted sexual advances or harassment. While that may be a disadvantage for some, for us it was a breath of fresh air. My gimp suit has been adequately cleaned and cared for by the RAZOR leadership including Solarsystems and Aurelia Breeze. I commend their dedication to ensuring we each have a safe space to explore our personal deviations from “normal” society. Also I give them 5 stars on Yelp.

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Although we have been requested to increase the amount of unwanted sexual advances and harassment i am sure we can help anyone needing a bad taste in the mouth at the end of the day!

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How active is your alliance during AUS peak times?

Atlas i’ll be honest, AUTZ aint our strong side,

YES, you found Razor!

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Looking for members and Corporations, come join the Goat Herd!