Ready to live the Null-Sec Life? P35KY Reloaded is recruiting!

P35KY Reloaded is a group of returning players getting back in Eve after an extended break. We are looking for new pilots and vets alike to come live the Null life. We’re willing to help teach and train new players about surviving in Null and learning to take advantage of the PVE and PVP opportunities it provides.

What we are:

  • US/NA Timezone (EAST, CENT)
  • PvE/Industry in LowSec/NullSec/WH
  • PvP in Alliance Warfare/LowSec/NullSec/WH

What we are looking for:

  • Mature Pilots/Leadership Material
  • Can use a mic or can use Speakers to listen.
  • Attention to Orders and Details
  • Skilled and New Pilots (500k SP requirement)
  • People who want to help build something
  • You to Apply and join our Discord linked in Corp Bio!

What we offer:

-Null Sov Space
-R32/R64 Moons
-High Tier Manufacturing
-SRP for Corp sponsored fleets
-Inter hauling / JF services
-Small gang PVP and ESS roaming
-Training and skill point planning for New Pilots

Contact Demosthenez in-game for more info!

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