Really Strong Alliance - Lowsec PVP

Really Strong Alliance - lowsec pvp

Opening it’s door for equal minded players. We’re a small low sec PVP corp/alliance that appears to be an alliance on paper, but actually it’s just a small group of nerds. We live and breath jump drives.

About us?
We are a small group of dudes that have been flying together for almost a year now. We want to see how big of an impact we can have while staying very small. We have taken on alliances in capital brawls, cleared hostile undocks of 15 caps at a time, blue balled huge blobs and claimed structures, baited out the first vanquisher to die and other capital brawls against larger entities. All of which was done with 4-6 actual people on comms and 15-25 alts in fleet.

What we are looking for?
We are looking for more equal minded people that enjoys flying capital ships, hunting big stuff, coming up with new ideas of killing something and people that are hunting for kills. The more eyes out there the better. We require you to have more than 1 pvp-account to join, and the ability to fly carriers/dreads/blops (you should have said ships of course)

We provide no direct means of making isk, but our style of PVP has proven itself to be fairly profitable with the drops we get (our rule is the hunter/op planner gets the loot). Outside of that, you are expected to be able to make isk on you own.

We are looking for active players that want to pvp in a hard hitting but small group. Activity and being willing to learn new stuff in the game is what’s most important. Part of the reason that we are recruiting is that we need new blood and new ideas. So you are expected to bring us cool ideas and contribute to the content creation.

When are we active?
Our main TZ is EU, but being the nerds we are there’s no real TZ we aren’t around in.

Our killboard:

We are looking for chill dudes to shoot the **** with and get dank frags together.

Contact anyone in corp ingame for more information or join this discord channel.
We will ask for full API, there’s no way around that. If you can’t provide it don’t bother.

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