New aggressive PVP alliance recruiting (LowSec & NPC Null) [DDOS.]

Are you looking for somewhere that you can make a difference? Or where you are not just treated as another body to join fleets and press F1? Or just looking for a group of likeminded people who like to blow up spaceships?

We are Denial of Service, a new LowSec/NPC Null PVP focussed alliance looking to make a name for ourselves! We’re looking for PVP focussed people and corps to grow with us and blow up spaceships.

Basic requirements:

  • Basic eve competence and some pvp experience is preferred
  • PvP focussed and desire to find fights (and not be afraid to lose ships)
  • Self-sufficient for ISK (we do have a buyback if needed)
  • Multiple chars preferred - combat/scanning/scout/cap alts

What we can offer:

  • SRP & some ship handouts
  • A group of likeminded, competent and aggressive pvpers
  • Plenty of fleets & fights
  • Minimal blues
  • Understanding that RL comes first

We are especially looking for someone to help lead and grow our US TZ!

KB: Denial of Service. | Alliance | zKillboard


so it’s you guys responsible for the lack of stable servers??

Na, CCP don’t need our help with unreliable servers! :eyes:

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