Rebooting Corp - Looking for a Nullsec Alliance

Having returned to EVE after a Small Break, am looking to once again reboot my Corporation.

My Corporation has been apart of the Imperium so am no stranger to getting my Corp involved and doing it’s part. I cannot return to the Imperium as i am Blacklisted for selling my Asset via an alt and breaching policies. (tried to get it lifted no luck)

Alot of the Warring Alliances aren’t taking in a Corporation without numbers which i appreciate, but i don’t want to rent neither do i wish to rebuild it within High Sec… so am trying the forums in hope of finding an Alliance prepared to take a shot on a Corp that will grow and do it’s part.

Would merging be an option to you incase you cant manage to build up ?

Chat dorfsorc from Intrepid Crossing we’re currently recruiting

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