Recently returned player looking for Corp

Hi I recently returned to EVE some weeks ago after time off, ive been gathering some stuff, doing a bit of pve, abyssal and mining in my few weeks ive been back but I am enjoying playing the game again and looking to get back into a corp and be a part of something.

Im fairly open to most things, I have to admit ive not had much pvp experience although I have had a little living out in nullsec some years ago. Primarily im interested in the industry and pve side of things but im not totally against pvp or anything im just trying to be honest about my main focus.

I have around 65m sp in combat and some industry related skills and a couple of industry alts with lower SP. Im based in the UK / EUTZ but play at all sorts of times tbh. Look forward to see what sort of response I get, thanks.

Returnee - you should hop on our discord and ping me there :wink: DISCORD

Let me get a chance to show what UMAH can offer :slight_smile: You’ve addressed your main focus but with the understanding of pvp aswell (fleets to defend/be aggressive)
UMAH goes for a mixed playstyle in many ways, not only timezones but aswell what we usually do. While we can be out for some time doing fleets to flex or to defend our infrastructure, we also know how easy it is to death clone / jump clone and get into your blingy PVE ship and just nuke for some hours, or why not jump into a mining ship and join your mates on a moon (and hopefully use our fairly prices corp buyback).

Take a read HERE to understand more about who we are and what we can offer. While we are part of The Initiative, a large alliance… I would say that as a corp we aren’t near to be ‘finished’, we seek people to build our community ever better and stronger!

Hope to see ya!

You Are Welcome With us

hi lexia

I think you could be a great asset for us since we are independent and small.

with us every pilot matters and we play eve for what it is a game.

if you want to know more please make sure to look up our latest video below

you can also join our discord below and talk to us if you like


long time corp offering all aspects of null life, come check us out

Hello Lexia.

If you want to enjoy all aspects of eve and still feel free to do Real life stuff. Maybe we are the one for you.

We are a tight growing group who try to do everything eve has to offer. Both PVP and PVE.

To give you an idea here is a link. Maybe we are the one for you

Hail Lexia Nova, do you consider yourself pure and righteous of heart? Do you dislike those preying on the ignorant and honest as much as we do? The Virtus Crusade [VIC.] is calling every righteous soul to fight the waves of chaos and plunder, helping to build a New Eden where virtue thrives.

[The narrative rephrased]

Virtus Crusade [VIC.] is an established corp of kindred spirits that has a character requirement (instead of a skillpoint requirement), with strong branches in PVP, PVE, industry and mining. As member of the Sev3rance alliance [-7-] we live in 0.0 space Fade. In PVP we fly everything from frigates to capitals, making already more than 42.000 kills on the enemies of a just civilization.

Interested? Check our full corp ad or join our discord.

hello we are a corp located in catch and querious join our discord and chat to see if we are a good fit for ya REPZ

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