Recruiting High Sec Miners and Industry focused pilots

Raven Foundary is an open minded corporation that focuses on mining, industry and exploration within New Eden. Our goal is to provide a foundation for new players to get started with and a place for bitter vets to call home for themselves. While helping out mining and industry focused players any kind of player is welcome within our corporation regardless of where or whom you are.

Perks of being in our corporation:

  • Access to high sec moon mining,
  • Access to manufacturing (1% Tax),
  • Learn from experienced players in our corp,
  • Relaxed atmosphere where real life comes first,
  • Buyback System.

Some facts about the corporation:

  • We are primarily EU Based,
  • Popper and stable corporation foundation,
  • Structured corporation so you know exactly what to do,
  • Social and helpful towards anyone inside and outside the corporation,

Do you have any questions about joining our corp? Join us in our public in-game channel “ALPS-Chat” (without quotes) for more information or send an EVE Mail to Raven Crux for more information.

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