Recruiting PVP pilots for sov 0.0

The Flower Collective is a new corp based out of SOV 0.0. We are looking for active members that want to participate in PVP and the other goods SOV has to offer. So if you are looking for some laid back people to fly and BS with, we’ve got a spot for you!

What we are looking for:
Active pilots willing to PVP if and when needed.
0.0 living experience is preferred but not required.
Discord and Comms when online and active.
Be self sufficient.

We can offer:
Small gang fleets with corp and larger alliance fleets.
Multiple time zone alliance.
A place to make isk as needed.

Join channel The Dab Lounge or convo me in game!

Killing stuff and still looking for new recruits!

waiting in channel.


We’re set up in Null. Kills begin! Join The Dab Lounge channel!

look us up


still going!

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