Recruiting PVP players that enjoy freedom and camaraderie in and out of the game

We are looking to bolster our ranks with PVP players that love all aspects of the game (industry, mining, etc…).
We have lots of fleets in all timezones, we provide an awesome SRP program, we have a buyback program, we have multiple cheap JF services.
We are part of Chaos Theory (awesome alliance) part of GOTG coalition (North power).

We have fleet participation objectives and rules.
We work as one and we live as a space family. If you would like to be part of our team and not just another +1 somewhere, contact us to schedule an interview.

We fly shield and armor doctrines. Pilots with 50M SPs should be fine… Less than that let us know on the interview and we will go over what you can and can’t do with us.

Fly safe! See you out there!

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