Recruiting! Small, active, blops specialists in a large null sec coalition

Rebels and Renegades is recruiting a limited number of new pilots to join us. As members of the Legacy coalition, we offer access to every part of null sec life you could hope to try, and in every time zone. From huge fleets to small, industry, mining, and very active market hubs, we have it.

Our corp is small and tight-knit, and primarily US tz. We fly everything and do everything, but our focus is black ops - the BS, recon and t3 cruisers, and bombers. We’ll happily initiate you into the blops club if you haven’t experienced it before!

Our members are older and highly experienced. A lot of us returned from long hiatuses to the game and found friendly help in -REB getting the rust knocked off. Most of us have families and other real-life obligations, and give zero crap to you for having the same.


  • Regular black ops fleets
  • Huge null sec fleets
  • Constant small fleets of all kinds
  • Every type of industry, ratting, and market activity you could want to engage in
  • Omega and 10m skillpoint minimum

If you’re interested, come and find out more on our public Discord or at our in-game channel, Rebels recruitment.


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alphas or only omegas ?

We prefer Omega with 10m sps minimum. It’s difficult to make isk and participate meaningfully in null sec life with much less.

For example, it’s impossible to fly blops as an alpha because you can’t train the covert ops skill or the cloaking skills.

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YEP… is right

Even as big strategic ops in our coalition’s war against Fraternity has slowed down a bit, our small corp has been busy. In the last week we’ve killed 55 ships at 8.3b in isk in value, while loosing 6 ships at 722m in value.

Come talk to us to learn more!

We’ve been busy invading our neighbors the last week or two, so we’ve been doing more small gang stuff than blops lately. That said, here’s some recent blops highlights:

Marshall (6.2b + abyssals)
Orca and friends (871m)
Thanatos (1.7b + some fighters)
Rattlesnake (2.6b)
Bhaalgorn (1.9b)

Our full corp killboard is here if you want to see what else we’ve been up to. Come get in on the fun!

We don’t just do blops!

Huge fleet battle yesterday, ended up with our side killing 205 ships at 30.8b isk in value, while losing 126 ships at 10b isk in value. Check out the battle report.

Come talk to us on our public discord, odds are good we can provide you with the content you’re looking for.

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