Small, active null sec corp - pvp and blops focus

Rebels and Renegades is recruiting a limited number of new pilots to join us. As members of the Legacy coalition, we offer access to every part of null sec life you could hope to try, and in every time zone. From huge fleets to small, industry, mining, moons, and very active market hubs, we have it.

Our corp is small and tight-knit, and primarily US tz. We fly everything and do everything, but our focus is black ops - the BS, recon and t3 cruisers, and bombers. We’ll happily initiate you into the blops club if you haven’t experienced it before!

Our members are older and highly experienced. A lot of us returned from long hiatuses to the game and found friendly help in -REB getting the rust knocked off. Most of us have families and other real-life obligations, and give zero crap to you for having the same.


  • Regular black ops fleets
  • Huge null sec fleets
  • Constant small fleets of all kinds
  • Every type of industry, ratting, and market activity you could want to engage in
  • Omega and 10m skillpoint minimum

Some recent activity of note for us:

21.7b lost to 35b killed
11.3b lost to 67.7b killed
500m lost to 43.6b killed

We especially like to focus on blops activity, though the status of our current war has made blops less of a focus in the last few months. We’ll be back to it soon! A few notable kills:

Marshall (6b+)
Thanatos (1.7b)
Loki (1b)
Rattlesnake (2.6b)
Bhaalgorn (1.8b)

If you’re interested, come and find out more on our public Discord or at our in-game channel, Rebels recruitment.


We keep our own corp deliberately small and close-knit, but that doesn’t mean we don’t like to have lots of friends to hang out with on occasion! For example here, when we joined a hundred of our closest pals in Test to dunk a Rorq while the supercap umbrella tried to pick off our Muninns.

Muninns vs Supers

Come chat with us on Discord!

We’ve participated in some massive fleet battles recently, which has REB- in second place on our alliance killboard, only a hair behind the first place corp. Which has more than double the number of pilots. :wink:

But forget the big fleet fights; last night we had a cormorant roam with some coalition mates, and it turned out pretty good.

The report says we came out ahead to the tune of 134m in losses to 4.39b in kills, but there were two abyssal mods we recovered from one of the sacreliges that appraised at almost 2.5b alone. The loot fairy appreciated the goat we sacrificed to it before undocking, I think.

Come chat with us on Discord!

Crazy amounts of action in our space. REB- now leads our alliance killboard right now, with three of us in the individual top ten.

We’ve really got the best of both worlds here. A small, close-knit group, but with access to everything a large-scale coalition offers. Come talk to us on Discord, or in the game!

The action continues in our neck of the woods. The battle today had over 1400 pilots involved, with around 160b worth of ships destroyed.

It doesn’t matter if you’re interested in small-gang pvp or large-scale fleet warfare; we’ve got both in abundance. Come talk to our small, close-knit group that does big things!

REB- is still looking for some pilots to join us, since we’re overflowing with content. I had today off from the responsibilities of the real world, and ended up in four different small gang fleets. I had 28 total killmails totaling around 10.2b in isk, mainly done from an assult frigate. Come and get in on the action with us!

How was your Saturday in space?

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