Recruitment on hold / invite only: Short Bus Buccaneers - [SLOW]: NPSI / After hours / Play your own way but with friends

Catch your ride and hop on the Short Bus! You are a pirate - maybe you just don’t know it yet

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We had a thing happening. I’m sure we can do with some inhouse reinforcements next time.

Disclaimer: We didn’t batphone, horde was in the area and had their own beef with the guys that wanted to touch our athanor.

zig-a-zig bump!

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Still looking for Pilots

we actgually got people joining us and now we want more


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we have another big fight coming up. This is your chance to sign up :stuck_out_tongue:

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The big fight happened and was bigger than any of us anticipated. According to the salt filled local chat we batphoned Goons AND Horde - BOTH.

Yep, that’s how important we are lol. So obviously there is no other group in this game you should join…

Anyhow, enjoy the BR, i’m honestly not even sure if i put every little group on the right team. There might be a video coming up too.

Bump. Hope I didn’t throw you out of alignment xD



allrigt. Lot’s of things going on, The initial post needs to be updated.
We moved to Scalding Pass and are fighting for the right to call some the region our home. Come join us <3

Had a little something going on tonight.

Sadly we didn’t win the Nodewar but still got good fun and kills out of it :slight_smile:
If only we had more people in this timezone… JOIN US :slight_smile:

Bump … because Elder sucks at bumping his own thread! :smiley:

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Bump: Looking for EU time zone players to come play on the short bus

Oh yes I do :joy:

We set food in scalding pass and are looking to improve the EUTZ play.
Always room for more duders and dudettes

Still looking for more troops to fight the evil forces in scalding pass

scalding pass has turned even more evil than i thought.

CHeck the reddit drama and come kill baddies

Get your guns out, bad dudes need to be killed

Come play with us dudes and dudettes