Red Forests Thunderbird SKIN's (Damavik, Drekavac, Rodiva)

Good morning,

Trying to sell these three skins as a pack:

Damavik Red Forests Thunderbird SKIN (Permanent)
Drekavac Red Forests Thunderbird SKIN (Permanent)
Rodiva Red Forests Thunderbird SKIN (Permanent)

Best offer takes it, looking to sell today.

2.2b to start you off

ty, will sell in 12 hours.


2,5b offer

If you’re still selling these ; ill offer you 2.7b

Thanks all, life got in the way.

I’ll sell all three for 4b.

6 billions

Sold - I’ll send you a contract.

oh really, tell us more about how it was sold

Its definitely not been sold. I sent a contract last night and it’s not been touched… :frowning:

if the contract is declined, issue it to me for 6.1Bn

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