Red Nova is Active and Recruiting! New and Veteran Players

Red Nova is Recruiting!

If you need any help or have any questions at all just open a conversation with me or message me directly i can help.

Red Nova Corporation (Part of the Slyce Umbrella)

More than an in game group, unlike any other corporation out here, we are an immovable wall and an indivisible unit.

We are a laid back corp and welcome mature players that are easier to get along with, rookies are welcome.

NOTE: Rookies aka New Players, please contact me directly for guidance on joining Us!

Some of the benefits of membership include

⦁ Mining Focused
⦁ Industry Focused
⦁ PVP Focused
⦁ Buyback Program
⦁ [SRP] Boosted mining fleets
⦁ PVP Fleets and Roams
⦁ PVE (Running Missions not a priority)
⦁ Blueprint Library

We have fleets running regularly for:

  • PVP
  • PVE

Join our Recruitment Channel - RED NOVA RECRUITMENT In game or send me a message or mail directly.

Nobody is meant to fight alone. Are you ready to be part of something Fantastic ? Then join us, New Eden is huge, lets explore it together, we are waiting for you at our HQ.-
Red NOVA Corp.

We are friendly and help one another when needed, we are focuses on helping all members to learn the game and answers any questions if any.

We always have opportunities to make tons of isk, we run events regular and some is training event for our new members.

We are rookie friendly!
We are also looking for experienced players, that want to help contribute and looking for a Great Growing Corp that meet all your needs in Eve.

We have 2 base of Operations from Hi-Sec and Null, our Alliance is with SLYCE Pirates

Come join Us we are a fun bunch of Eve Junkies just having a Blast!

feel free to drop me a message or in game Zaratobi Whitefangs

or hit me up on Discord:

Zaratobi Whitefangs
Recruiter and Officer for Red Nova Corporation

Red Nova is still recruiting. Update: We are currently fully stationed in null and our alliance is with SLYCE (Solyaris Chtonium). To get in touch of one of our recruitment officers or CEO see our in game ad in recruitment and join the recruitment channel or evemail our CEO (Valkin Hadar) or myself (Com Kamar) directly and we’ll get back to you asap.


T3 desy <3

We are established and are i need of more miners as well as pvp focused players! if interested please apply! see our ad in game for a link to our recruitment channel.

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