[SNOVA] Stella Nova - Recruiting Indy and PvP Alike!

New corp? Old corp? Looking for your place in the 'verse?

Stella Nova may be exactly what you’re looking for. Rebuilt and accepting both PvP and PvE corps alike!

Prefer small-gang PvP? We’re close to areas you’ll love…

Like krabbing rats for ISK and glory? We got ihubs and upgrades to spare…

Just prefer to mine the nights away? Huge belts, tasty rocks - we’ve got that covered…

Want to build ships for doctrine fights? With us, you can do that!

Stella Nova has been passed down to the next generation. We’re keeping a tradition of respectful PvP and Mining bros alike. We build on the premise of: Friendship and Respect.

We’re only located in Sov Null space in Wicked Creek, owning 7 systems and need more every day. Moon mining is even available for R4s-R16s with R32/R64 coming available from time to time. That’s right! We’ve also got tons of ice available for mining, plenty of planets for PI. What are you waiting for?!

Alliance logistics are available to/from Jita as well!!!


  • Corps should be 12+ in size with active members. Inactives should be culled after 30 days.
  • English will be required for the majority of members
  • US/EU timezones are both welcome!!!
  • Teamspeak is mandantory. Must be on comms while online.
  • Good attitudes. Null isn’t easy, it can be rough. Working together, we’ve overcome just about everything.

If you don’t have a corp and you’d like to join, you can choose from member corporations which will love to talk with you:

  • Bueno Excellente.
  • Cripple Creek
  • Tocaia
  • Zymus Industries

If you’d like to join, just evemail Denngarr B’tarn in game with your corp’s mission statement, activity level and times, and what you’re most interested in. I’ll be back with you in 48 hours to talk a bit and together, we can figure out where you are going to live.


We want more of you to join us! Come fly with SNOVA!

Great SOV to share!!

We want you!!

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