[LIKUR] Recruiting in Sov Null - Industry / Mining / PvE

Interested in mining, shooting rats, or exploration? Do you occasionally have the urge to shoot other capsuleers?

The welcome to Null Sec! The opportunities for ISK making are plentiful, and with us, we can show you how to tap those income br
ackets. Whether it’s passive income from PI, mining moon goo for fun and profit, learning how to build T2/T3 ships, or just good
old, down 'n dirty shooting of rats in massive amounts, we’re the ones you want.

Cripple Creek is part of the Stella Nova Alliance, member of the Winter Coalition in Wicked Creek. We provide as much PvE conten
t as we can along with dealing death to the occasional interlopers. What we have to offer:

  • Capital Building facilities rigged for material efficiency (build more with less!)
  • Rigged research and invention stations
  • Alliance logistics service from Jita
  • Upgrade ihub for the most best ratting, enormous ore belts, and more relic/data sites
  • Years of experience with PvE / Industry
  • Opportunities to hone PvP skills with small gangs and large fleets
  • Plenty of areas for exploration
  • Experience in Wormhole living and diving - learn how to take advantage of these wonderful gateways
  • Various buyback programs alliance-wide
  • Profit sharing on R64 moons

We’re a close-knit group, active in the US TZ and looking for more growth. If you’re looking for safe space, null sec is not for
you. If you’re looking for a challenge with plenty of options for wealth, then come out and join us!

Email, in game, a Full API to Denngarr B’tarn and I’ll get back with you post-haste.

C’mon folks, recruiting is open and we’d love to have more of you!!

Step out into the Null Sec side of life! PLENTY of ISK to be had out here!!

Join us in some great moon mining and cap building!!

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