Nullsec PVE corp is opening its doors!

Productivity Exchange Value is now recruiting!

In-game public channel: PVE Pub

PVE has a permanent residence in the dronelands. Offering a -1.0 system for anything you would like to do. We are a small corp to start but we are looking to grow and expand to other systems.
We are primarily a PVE focused corp for people looking to have a safe and quiet place to rat, mine or do some indy stuff. We have a fully upgraded system, Pirate 5 and Industry 4. Planets to do PI on, belts for mining and a ungodly amount of anoms for all your ratting needs! Citadel infrastructure such as Fortizar’s, Raitaru’s, Astrahaus’, all equipped and ready for use. If you need a place to do this kind of thing, at whatever time you like, then read on!

What we offer
-A fully upgraded -1.0 system for mining and ratting
-Plenty of planets for PI
-Moon mining
-Citadel and PI Infrastructure (Market, clone bay, customs offices, manufacturing facilities ect)
-Occasional WH for you to dive through if you feel the need for some PVP
-SRP program
-A laid back environment :slight_smile:

What we require
-Ability to follow the rules laid out by the alliance
-Be courtious (ie dont be a dick)
-Be active whenever you feel like it, real life happens.
-Full ESI access via ESI Knife

Thats it! Look forward to hearing from you, dont forget to join PVE Pub for more information or to just shoot the ■■■■. Fly safe.

bump - still looking for members to join!

U guys looking for allies

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