Are you old and cranky? Neuts piss you off? Looking for a real home?

Then maybe you might enjoy some time with Cripple Creek. Located in the heart of Wicked Creek, we’re an Indy/PvP corp with fingers in all of the pies.

With years of experience on hand, we’re just a curmudgeonly group of older players who love to mine, rat, and occasionally PvP. We’re part of Stella Nova alliance, member of the Winter Coalition, and we do our part to help support in EU and US timezones.

Are we active? Yes, we’re active and on daily. We have our primary times, but you can find a few of us on throughout the day most cases. We can give you the tools, but it’s up to you to use them. We have ships for new bro’s to either buy or we can provide a corp ship to get you started on your way. It’s one heckuva deal.

So throw down the walkers, toss off your knee braces, take your blood thinners, and get your ass over to our corp. You need family! We take vets and newbros alike.

Send Denngarr B’tarn an in-game email with a full API key and we’ll set you set up in no time!! Quick, hurry!

One of the main things I do is ratting with some indy on the side (with alts). You mention ratting so I was curious why no one is ratting in your systems? A quick look at DotLan says you keep ADM up for only one system (U104-3). Is there a Fortizar accessible?

You’re in the middle of a few obnoxious alliances. How do they interact with you? Are you constantly on the defensive? How safe is it there? Is this a renter alliance?

I am happy to see the distance to highsec is about two hops in a jump freighter. I frequently jump my own assets and, if this is a good fit, I could do the same for you. I assume you have “safe” passage through Great Wildlands?

Oh and API goes away very soon.

The legacy APIs will be terminated on May 8th, 2018.

Some of what you ask is a little more information than I’m posting on the web. There’s a station in system.

We’re blue with the surrounding alliances. The only thing we have is Test roaming around for some reason. It’s null-sec safe. It’s not like undocking in Sigga. There’s always a possibility of neuts coming through.

GW is full of unfriendly groups, though we have a few friends in there. Depends on what exactly you’re looking for in there.

Hopefully that answers your questions well enough.

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