Cripple Creek [LIKUR] - Recruiting PvP and Indy alike for Sov Null fun and excitement!

Who are we?
Cripple Creek [LIKUR] has been a small indy corp for many years now having grown and shrank due to moving around null sec every couple of years. We have recently reopened recruitment to grow our numbers in our new home of Delve as part of the LAWN Alliance and attached to Goonswarm Federation. Today we mine recklessly, rat crazily, and ISK like there’s no tomorrow!!

What we have to offer:

  • Access to T2-rigged refining facilities, allowing us MAX reprocessing of ores
  • Rorqual Mining is encouraged due to the sheer money-making potentials
  • Tons of planets available for POCO use
  • Plenty of PvP opportunities both around the region and near neighborhoods like TEST and Horde.
  • A security umbrella that helps keep supers and rorquals safe while mining and ratting.
  • Did I mention being able to rat in Supercarriers, making crazy ISK??
  • Building facilities for everything including Supers/Titans
  • Ore buyback programs guaranteed to keep your pockets full of ISK.
  • Tons of space to go exploring through
  • Years of experience so that you can learn what we’ve learned about living in null-sec and wormhole space.
  • TONS of special interest groups to fly with depending on your interests

What we require:

  • No Drama what-so-ever. No one has time for that.
  • Capital-capable pilots with Jump Drive Calibration V
  • Willingness to PvP as we require it every month
  • English speakers
  • Mandantory comms - Teamspeak AND Mumble will be required
  • Active players - 10 hours a week

We have a ton of fun, are active, and would love to have you come join us. Just email Denngarr B’tarn if you are interested and we’ll go through the interview process. If you’re looking to just instantly join a corporation - we’re not for you. We screen our recruits consistently to make darn sure it’s a fit for everyone concerned.

Fly safe!

Come join us for more!! Fleets going out every night and belts rich in ore!

Come on over!!


Null Sec needs YOU!

Still Recuiting!

Bring your big guns and come join the fight!!

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